To support various parties in developing their business - whether it's a company, a start-up, a community/organization, etc. - in terms of promotional media, PortalSoho.com provides the widest space for you to join and become a part of us.

The terms you can understand and agree on can be read below:


  1. PortalSoho.com will charge for promotional media in the form of banners or articles for parties included in the profit-oriented category.
  2. PortalSoho.com does not charge for promotional media in the form of banners or articles for parties that fall into the nonprofit category.
  3. PortalSoho.com does not accept content creation (banners / videos / articles). Parties concerned please to provide it yourself.
  4. For those who wish to subscribe to be able to write an article on PortalSoho.com, the concerned party wishes to include an email address, which we will invite later to become an author.
  5. Content other than articles may be sent to the PortalSoho.com admin email address, at cs.portalsoho@gmail.com.
  6. PortalSoho.com does not accept co-operation with the party presenting the offer irrelevant to the content presented at PortalSoho.com
  7. PortalSoho.com reserves the right to edit, delete and cancel cooperation (including with the content presented) if there appears to be any fraud/incompatibility with our guidelines.
  8. You can apply for cooperation by contacting us

Cost Breakdown

  • Banner on all pages (728 x 90) or (300 x 250): 1,000 USD (5 ETH) / banner / month
  • Banner In Articles (728 x 90 After the first paragraph) or (728 x 90 At the end of the article): 750 USD (3,75 ETH) / banner / month
  • Conditional Promotional Articles: 25 USD / article
  • Subscription Promotion Articles: 1,500 USD / month (unlimited number of articles)
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