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ICO Has Passed

  ICO List Calendar and Ratings
Sold (%)
LightBitAtom (LBA) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
LightBitAtom Largest Decentralized Multi-Crypto Exchange Soft Cap Not Reached 1 million USD
Payportal (PPTL) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price
Payportal Payments and Money transfers Soft Cap Not Reached 3,000 ETH
Glitzkoin (GLT) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
Glitzkoin Pioneering the Diamond Blockchain Soft Cap Reached 41.8 million USD
Multiversum (MTV) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
Multiversum 4th Generation Relational Blockchain 62.06% of hardcap 35 million USD
Korona Coin (KOT) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
Korona Coin Crown Your Life N/A 96,224 ETH
Utrum (OOT) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
Utrum A Trusted Playbook for Crypto Investors Soft Cap Reached 5 million USD
Digitize Coin (DTZ) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
Digitize Coin Convert loose change into cryptocurrency. Instantly -25% of softcap 600 ETH
Global REIT ICO Details, Ratings, Token Price
Global REIT Earn From Property. Enjoy Instant, Monthly Dividends 70.65% of hardcap 20 million USD
SocialCxN (CXN) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
SocialCxN Solution For The Influencer Marketing Industry N/A 20,000 ETH
Forever Has Fallen (FC) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
Forever Has Fallen Blockchain Gamification with a Blockbuster Story N/A 35,000 ETH
Genbby (GG) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
Genbby Turn your Gaming Hobby into a Profit 0.001% of softcap 5 million USD
MoneyToken (IMT) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
MoneyToken MoneyToken - a blockchain-based financial ecosystem 106.25% of hardcap 35 million USD
Bitrust (BTF) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
Bitrust Simple & Easy to Use Cryptocurrency Insurance Platform 0.45% of hardcap 12,000 ETH
Peur (PURC) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
Peur Revolutionizing Marketplace Beyond Ordinary N/A 25 million USD
iShook (SHK) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
iShook Books are the carriers of civilization 8.8% of hardcap 72 million SHK
GYM Rewards (GYM) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
GYM Rewards Get Paid for Exercising! Mine with Your Body! 3.333% of hardcap 15,000 ETH
Velix.ID (VXD) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
Velix.ID A Global Platform for Frictionless Identity Verification 99% of hardcap 35 million VXD
L-Pesa Kripton (LPK) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details
L-Pesa The Future Of Microfinance 15.31% of hardcap 2.6 billion LPK