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Yogyakarta's Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano Used to Be on the SeaBed

Yogyakarta's Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano Used to Be on the SeaBed

Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano is a dead mountain that is tens of millions of years old. In the past, this mountain was active and was on the bottom of the sea.

"In the past, this mountain was an active volcano on the seabed. When it erupted he lifted a few centi meters over the years until now it became like this," said Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano tour guide, Tari.

An active volcano can die from undergoing certain processes. Magma in the main magma channel loses its thrust. This generally occurs because the channel to the magma chamber is cut off.

If this is the case, the rest of the magma will eventually freeze into rock. For the case of Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano, the death of this mountain is thought to have occurred a long time ago. The age of the mountain itself is predicted to be more than 60 million years.

Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano is currently better known as the mainstay tourist attraction of Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. Travelers can climb a mountain as high as 700 meters above sea level (mdpl) which is dominated by large rocks.

Along the way, travelers will also find unique spots that store the typical stories of the local community. For example, a cave that is flanked by stones named Song Gudel (buffalo calf cave).

Song Gudel used to be used as a place for residents to herd buffalo. There, the buffaloes will also give birth to children.

Then no less unique is the Chopstick Hall. This 50-meter-long passageway splits through ancient rock walls and can only be passed by one person.

Another interesting spot is the Comberan Spring. This spring is never dry and is neutralized by the local community.

The experience of climbing the Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano will leave a different impression than the mountain in general. In addition to being surrounded by beautiful scenery, travelers can also learn the history and geological processes.

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