Tips to Make Teenagers Disciplined

Applying discipline to adolescents aims to create boundaries so that children avoid deviant behavior. It also helps children to be more independent

Applying discipline to teenagers does require special tactics. If the parents misspoke and behaved, they may be reluctant to listen or even fight the parents. So, what is the right way to make teenagers become disciplined?

Adolescence is the phase of a child looking for identity and showing his existence. At this time, there will be many changes that occur, ranging from physical, emotional, behavioral, to social life. They are also likely to try new things and look for an environment that suits them.

Of these many changes, it is not surprising that finally comes new behaviors of children that may be difficult for parents to understand. They may also often argue or dispute the old rules made by their parents, including discipline.

How to Apply Discipline to Adolescents

Applying discipline to adolescents aims to create boundaries so that children avoid deviant behavior. It also helps children to be more independent, responsible, and improve their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

So that your teen can become more disciplined, here's how you can do it:

1. Set clear limits and consequences

Invite your child to discuss what things need to be limited and explain also realistic reasons why it needs to be done. For example, explain about the dangers of smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages, or casual sex. So, not just make the rules, but explain also the reason.

Mother and Father also need to make consequences if the child violates the rules. For example, when a child violates the curfew rules, it should be replaced by helping you clean the house on weekends. Make sure the rules and consequences made have been agreed upon by Mother, Father, and Child.

2. Firm and consistent

Teenagers often negotiate things in order to do what they want and break the rules. Well, Mom and Dad don't be fooled. You must be firm and consistent in applying the rules so that children become disciplined.

Consequences must still be lived when the child makes a mistake. To be fairer, Mother and Father can also give appreciation in the form of praise or gifts if the child can obey the rules.

3. Establish a good relationship with him

Try to establish trust and closeness with your teen. Having a good relationship allows children to be more disciplined and obey agreed rules.

Make a regular schedule to do activities together. There are many activities that can be done to strengthen the relationship of parents with children, such as watching movies together, cooking together, exercising, or farming in the yard.

4. Respect your teen's privacy

Teenagers tend to want more privacy. Mom and Dad need to understand that. Do not let Mom and Dad be overprotective (helicopter parenting) and make rules that disturb the "personal zone" of your teenage child.

Too much curbing the child actually allows him to rebel and do things that are not good.

5. Set a good example

Discipline becomes one of the good behaviors that your child can imitate. Adolescents tend to imitate their parents' habits rather than listening to what they are told. So, if you want your teenage son to be a disciplined person, you should do the same.

It is not easy to apply discipline to teenagers. However, mom and dad need to be patient. Do not get carried away with emotions that can make the relationship with your teen becomes less good.

If you still have questions or find it difficult to apply discipline to your teen, try consulting this problem with a psychologist to get the right solution.