7 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Insurance Fraud

Considering the ownership of insurance is important, more and more people are taking advantage of this moment for fraud. So that you do not become one
7 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Insurance Fraud

Having health insurance is very important, both for those who are single and those who have a family. Especially for families, the benefits can be double because one policy can be used to bear all family members.

Considering the ownership of insurance is important, more and more people are taking advantage of this moment for fraud. So that you do not become one of the victims, apply the following tips.

7 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Insurance Fraud

1. Get to know the insurance company

Get to know the insurance company first. Companies that have good credibility or reputation will not deceive customers or prospective customers. Because it is the company's mission to give the best. 

Important points to ensure the good or not credibility of the insurance company, including having an official website. The website contains information about the vision, mission, products, address, branches, services, and financial statements of insurance companies. 

Ask the company name if someone offers a health insurance product, then find out the information before buying. 

2. Review the insurance plan

A good insurance company has a clear plan or product plan. This plan will be shown to customers to ensure if a product is in accordance with the needs.

As a prospective customer, it is important to review the plan offered. Because, the plan chosen will affect the amount of premiums paid as long as the policy is still inforce status. 

Do not pay dearly, but the benefits of insurance are not used at all. Ask for time to consider the plan before making a decision, especially this health insurance is long-term.

3. Adequate limit

The amount of premiums becomes a fundamental consideration before buying insurance products. But your focus isn't just on that one point. It would be nice to look at the overall limit per year.

The larger the limit, of course, the better because it will provide its own relief if one day you fall ill. At least, these costs are covered by insurance companies, so the possibility of personal money being used becomes small.

This overall limit will usually be divided again into various health benefits. For example, room fees, medicines, check-ups, and others. You can check one by one when the agent offers insurance products, so later it is not wrong to choose. 

4. Requirements for Registering for Insurance

Each insurance company has general and special requirements for prospective customers that automatically affect the small monthly premium. One of those requirements is in terms of age. The older the age of insurance entry, premiums are usually more expensive than customers who enter at a young age.

This is not separated from the risk of disease that occurs. Older people are usually more susceptible to disease. In addition, the rate of the disease is also more severe than young people.

Complete information about the requirements can be seen directly on the insurance company's official website. You can also ask the agent by phone or live chat.

5. Comparing products

Health and life insurance are two products that are definitely owned by insurance companies. However, the products and benefits offered are certainly different between companies.

Before deciding, you should first compare the products of each insurance to get the best one. Especially if you plan to have one insurance unit for life.

The easiest way to compare products is to open the insurance company's website at once from a laptop.

6. Read testimonials about service

In order to avoid the rise of insurance fraud cases, you can take the time to read testimonials about the services that insurance companies provide. Starting from the waiting time of the claim, partner hospital services, the accuracy of information from the agent, and the speed of reply if there are questions.

Because, trusted insurance companies always try to provide the best service so that customers do not leave.

If the service is not good, you will be affected when you need help or make a claim. Administrative matters that should be fast become long.

7. Understand the insurance mechanism

In fact, there are still many people who refuse to buy health insurance because they do not know the mechanism of insurance itself. Though the way it works is simple, where one insurance policy can be used to cover the entire family.

Some health insurance mechanisms, such as:

  • The maximum number of family members covered is five (father, mother, and three children). If more, then there will be an additional premium fee in accordance with the provisions of insurance.
  • The insurance policy will expire when the head of the family or the name listed on the policy reaches the age limit of coverage or dies.