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14 New Cultural Reserves in Jakarta, a Place to Remember the City's History

14 New Cultural Reserves in Jakarta, a Place to Remember the City's History

Jakarta Provincial Government established 14 new cultural reserves throughout 2020-2021. There is Rawamangun Golf Course to Matraman Raya Road Train Bridge.

The establishment of cultural heritage is contained in Law No. 11 of 2010 on cultural heritage as a preservation effort.

"This determination becomes a clear legal basis as a foundation for the preservation of cultural heritage. This determination is also part of our efforts in protecting cultural assets owned by the Jakarta Provincial Government," head of DKI Jakarta Cultural Office, Iwan Henry Wardhana, said in a statement.

Iwan explained that the determination of objects into cultural heritage has been through a verified study by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Cultural Heritage Expert Team. Verification is done by conducting surveys, researching bibliography, and conducting discussions.

"The process of preparing the study was carried out in several discussion meetings in order to produce study documents that can be accounted for legally and scientifically," said Iwan.

Iwan explained that the criteria for determining objects to become cultural heritage include being 50 years old or older, representing the shortest style of 50 years old, have special meaning for history, science, education, religion or culture and have cultural value for strengthening the personality of the nation.

"Hopefully the building that has been designated as a Cultural Heritage can make people more familiar with history. We also invite people to come together to maintain their sustainability," he added.

List of 14 Cultural Reserves in Jakarta

  1. Rawamangun Golf Course
  2. Bank Indonesia Kebon Sirih Building
  3. Garuda Indonesia Headquarters Building at Kebon Sirih Road
  4. Tjipta Niaga Building
  5. Tugu Peringatan Proklamasi
  6. Rumah Proklamasi
  7. Tugu Proklamasi
  8. Gedung Perintis Kemerdekaan
  9. Gudang Amunisi Petukangan
  10. Vincentius Putri Building Complex
  11. Building 1, Building 2, and Building 3 in the General Enterprise Complex of Produksi Film Negara
  12. Jatinegara Station
  13. Matraman Raya Road Railway Bridge
  14. Terowongan Tiga Railway Bridge

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