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Please Protocol (PLS) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price

Please Travel Protocol (PLS) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price
9.4/10 Travel Protocol is revolutionising the way people book travel online, by offering pre-designed, customisable, end-to-end trips that can be searched, booked and paid for in minutes. We bridge the gap between the decentralised, traditional and sharing economies. You can book with your voice, use digital currencies and earn tokens.

Website MVP

Please Travel Protocol (PLS) ICO Information

Name Please : Bringing Decentralization to the Masses Through Travel
Token PLS
Token Price 1 PLS = 0.035 USD
Token for Sale 650,000,000 PLS (65%)
Pre-Sale Date 11/22/2018 - 01/02/2019
Token Sale Date 01/03/2019 - 02/03/2019
Token Sale Closes [ ] from now
Country Cayman Islands
Review -


Whitepaper Pitch Deck Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy

Please is a new generation travel platform with a unique approach that fundamentally changes the way people book their travel, saving them time and money, and giving them more control and a more customised experience, while opening the travel industry to the sharing and decentralized economies.

Our approach Includes:

  • A range of comprehensive, pre-designed, customisable trips created by our users with local knowledge of the intended destination. Trips are suggested based on the traveler’s interests or occasion for traveling.
  • A range of services including both sides of the travel industry such as hotels & home rentals, restaurants & amateur chefs, professional tour organisers & local hobbyists, taxis & local drivers. Services can be organised into trips or booked separately.
  • A chatbot with a voice feature to allow travelers to find trips with a voice command or a single instant message.
  • A token-based model to incentivize usage and promotion of the platform.
  • A set of smart contracts to allow service providers to publish their service on the Blockchain with no booking fee.
  • A set of oracles to access the right data on the Blockchain
  • A set of proxies to access smart contracts by non-blockchain apps
  • A hybrid portal to access both the centralized and decentralized services in an easy and seamless way

An entire trip, with all its accommodation, transportation, activities and meals can be planned, booked and paid for ahead of time, without the hours of agonizing research and scouring multiple websites. This allows the traveller to relax and enjoy their trip, because all the decisions are already made, and everything is already planned.

Please takes the time, research and pain out of booking an amazing, memorable trip by using local knowledge to integrate the disconnected elements of booking travel

Please is a hybrid platform that supports both centralised and decentralised computing, allowing us to prosper in today’s centralised environment, and to transition seamlessly as the world moves to a fully decentralised model.

Token Info
Platform Ethereum
Token Type ERC-20
Supply 1,000,000,000 PLS
Contract 0xe919a09df295ceb8ec6a13fe4606f9020afafba9
( etherscan )
Investment Info
Hardcap 18,200,000 USD
Accepting ETH
Bonus Pre-Sale = 20%
Romain Barissat


Vladimir Kokovic


Kristi Brown

Marketing Director

Sarper Horata

Product Manager

Marcel Akiyama

Product Designer

Anupam Varshney

Content Marketing Strategist

Florent Thurin

Partnerships Manager

Jaydeep Solanki

Full-Stack Engineer

Facundo Matteo

Full-Stack Engineer

Vibhor Jain

Operations Manager

Olivier Ducroux

Full-Stack Engineer

Denis Zabelin

UX Designer

Nicolas Girardot

Solidity Developer

Antoine Garcia

Full-Stack Engineer

Emmanuelle Morice

SVP @ Atos

Laurent Allias

CEO @ Josiane

Geneviève Blin

Senior Executive Coach

Alan Hochman

Management Consultant

Aug 2017

Initial idea

The perfect melting pot: The travel industry is too fragmented, blockchain applications are rising, people are looking for more authentic travel experiences

Sep 2017

PoT Development starts

The objective was to find and test different technical solutions (Proof of Technology)

Dec 2017

Hybrid platform pivot

Following the cryptokitties impact on Ethereum, we decided not to rely completely on the Blockchain and steer development towards an even more hybrid architecture

Mar 2018

Beta version development starts

After the PoT was complete, we started developing our beta version with a much nicer UI, the objective was to demonstrate searching trips and services through voice and deploying services as smart contracts

Jun 2018

Production development starts

The beta version was working as expected and we started migrating towards a more robust and scalable architecture. We decided to focus on the centralized part of our xApp and push the decentralized part to after our ICO

Oct 2018

Production launch: &

Our first production-ready products are our marketplace and our chatbot. We are now able to start gathering people to create many trips on our platform.

Nov 2018


The aim of the pre-ICO is to give us a head start to work on the decentralized parts of our platform, namely our Blockchain protocol

Jan 2019


Our ICO acts as our first funding round to accomplish our vision to build and promote the first user-friendly travel platform to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized services

Feb 2019

Production launch: "Trips mobile app"

We will launch our mobile app with an innovative UI to find and book trips quickly and easily on the go

Apr 2019

Production launch: "Decentralised services on Ethereum"

After optimising and auditing our smart contracts, we'll be ready to launch our first decentralised features in a production environment

Summer 2019

Production launch: "Decentralised services on 2nd blockchain"

After optimising our infrastructure and developing our second set of smart contracts, we'll be ready to bring our second selected blockchain in our production environment

Fall 2019

Marketing Campaign: "Expansion in key cities"One year after our initial launch, we will know a lot about our users. Our infrastructure and features will be optimised to attract a new massive influx of travelers, trip creators, and service providers.

Rating Distribution
Marketing 2.4
Team 2.0
Information 2.0
Product 2.0
Vision 1.0

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Please Travel Protocol (PLS) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price
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