DataXchain (DXCT) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price

DataXchain (DXCT) ICO Profile Review, ICO Rating, DXCT Token Price, Bounty Campaign. Blockchain Based Decentralized Data Trade Service.
DataXchain (DXCT) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price

DataXchain is a “Data Trading Platform powered by Deep Learning and Blockchain(hereafter Deep Data Trading)” which matches what data owners can provide with what data users want through a tailored data-matching service. Through ‘decentralizing’ data ownership and trade, DataXchain aims to create a new data paradigm in which individuals, as opposed to data giants, own the rights to their own data and are equitably compensated if their data is used. It also aims to create a brand-new deep data trading ecosystem in which anyone can easily create Digital Assets to share or sell. With data penetrating almost every aspect of our lives and becoming a vital resource, the possibilities DataXchain can bring are endless and so is the extent to which it can dramatically improve our lives.


DataXchain (DXCT) ICO Information

Name DataXchain : Blockchain Based Decentralized Data Trade Service
Token DXCT
Token Price 1 DXCT = 0.06 USD
Token for Sale 730,000,000 DXCT (73%)
Pre-Sale Date 10/08/2018 - 10/28/2018
Token Sale Date 10/29/2018 - 12/09/2018
Token Sale Closes [ ] from now
Country Singapore
Review -


Whitepaper One Pager Pitch Deck

DataXchain is a “DataXchain is a Decentralized Data Trading Service powered by Deep Learning and Blockchain”. DataXchain provides a tailored matching service between Data Owners and Data Users through our unique Intelligent Matching Engine, x-Matcher and transactions are facilitated and recorded by Smart Contracts.

Following a purchase decision, a Smart Contract is automatically executed and a paid DataXchain Token (DXCT) is delivered to the Data Owner. Then, the Data User acquires data download authorization to download purchased data as many times he or she desires.

1. Data Matching

DataXchain offers a seamless P2P data matching service for Data Owners with image and sound sources and Data Users (public or private).

DataXchain ensures that personal data will be delivered to the right destination. Digital assets uploaded directly from the Data Owner or data converted with the Data Enrichment process are recommended to the Data User with DataXchain’s Intelligent Matching Engine. To ensure a smooth decision-making process, both a search and a preview function are also provided to all users.

The Smart Contract is executed to guarantee a secure and accurate purchase process. The Data Owner receives a fine amount of DataXchain Tokens (DXCT) for sold data. Every transaction is recorded on the distributed ledger as immutable purchase evidence, thus minimising the risk of fraud.

Data Wallet

DataXchain has a wallet function that empowers users to take control of their data and sell them through the DataXchain network. Apart from displaying the amount of DXCT users have, users are also able to inspect the potential value of Digital Assets in DXCT and trace every transaction, in the usage history.

Some key features include :

  • Potential value of personal Digital Asset : 15,000 DXCT
  • Overview of Digital Asset in Data Enrichment Process
  • Transaction amount in DataXchain : 8.56 DXCT
  • Transaction record in DataXchain Detailed
  • DataXchain trade records
  • Real-time PUSH alarm for DXCT acquisition

2. Data Enrichment

One of the features of DataXchain that distinguishes it from other similar platforms is its powerful, one-of-its-kind technology that powers the “Data Enrichment Process”. Through this patented technology, DataXchain is able to transform raw data into highly defined Digital Assets, which constitute a distinguishable, tradeable form of data. For instance, under the process, a simple photo or video can be assigned a complete package of labels under the system’s hyper-sensitive analytical tool called X-Labeler which can capture even the smallest details in photos and videos. The result makes it easier for Data Users to find what they want down to the most precise attributes, while Data Owners will experience a higher pick-up rate for their data.

Just as crude oil is refined into gasoline, DataXchain brings the commercialisation of My Data to a whole new level. This is expected to be a key driver of conversion and usage, which underpins the success of every platform.

3. Data Deep Learning

Machine Learning forms the backbone of the Data Enrichment Process and DataXchain, in partnership with Xiilab, has developed a highly advanced form of Machine Learning to process data with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. Machine Learning, simply defined, is a method of data analysis that makes the work of building a data analysis model automatic. It is a branch of artificial intelligence that involves systems being able to ‘learn’ iteratively from data, apply to model building and make decisions with minimal human intervention. With more data being fed into the system, the data models become more refined and the system becomes more robust.

The workings of DataXchain’s Machine Learning system is the joint input of Xiilab’s own technology – Uyuni, and the processing work of Platform Contributors. Data that gets fed into the system by Data Owners, gets labelled and evaluated by the system before being verified by Platform Contributors for metadata accuracy, data quality and appropriateness. Uyuni then takes all the labelled data and puts it to testing in the Uyuni Deep Learning Blackbox. The eventual output is a fully-optimised data model that can makes DataXchain a highly intelligent data processing system that can run on its own.

Following intensive processing in the Uyuni Deep Learning Blackbox, all the data model output gets stored in the the DataXchain system’s blockchain. This includes Digital Rights Management, data reproductions, usage rights etc. Deep Learning is a highly sophisticated process that can learn complicated patterns in large amounts of data. For instance, it is able to identify objects in images and words in sounds. The same capabilities will be injected into DataXchain’s system, giving it an edge over other existing data processing systems.

Token Info
Platform Ethereum
Token Type ERC-20
Supply 1,000,000,000 DXCT
Contract 0x153373c5ac0c84ed38c57f1ac88942fb2d7a874b
( etherscan )
Investment Info
Hardcap 135,000 ETH
Accepting BTC, ETH, USD, EUR
Min. Purchase 0.3 ETH
Max. Purchase 850 ETH
Bonus Private sale = 40%
Pre-sale = 35%
Token Sale :
Round 1 = 30%
Round 2 = 25%
Round 3 = 20%
Round 4 = 15%
Round 5 = 10%
Round 6 = 5%
Yong Chang Baek

Chief Executive Officer

Woo Yung Lee

Chief Strategy Officer

Young Hun Choi

Chief Marketing Offer

Frank Cha

Chief Operating Offer

Seong Gon Gim

Director of Business Development

Jin Hee Park

Core Developer - Service

Jun Seok Seo

Core Developer - Blockchain

Ki Song Chung

Core Contents Developer, MFU

Jin Hwan Kim

Patent Legal, Co Managing Partner at GV IP Law Firm

Jeff Markham

Technical Director, APAC at Hortonworks

Sung Wook Kim

China Local Representative, Tobelet

Sun Moo (Svenna) Kang

Kyung Hee University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Rado Kotorov

CIO and VP at the Office of the President at Information Builders

Young Soo Park

Director of Contents, MFU

Phan Ming Quang


Ho Min Kim

Induk Accounting Corporation / Partner & KCPA

June 12, 2018

ToBeLet Establishment.

Q2 2018

DataXchain Teaming.

Q4 2018

Private Sale
Pre-ICO / Main ICO

Token Issue.

Alpha Build.

Q2 2019

Beta Build.

Q3 2019

Soft Launch.

Q4 2019

DataXchain Full Service Open.

Rating Distribution
Marketing 2.6
Team 2.0
Information 2.0
Product 1.0
Vision 1.0

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