OfferZone (OFZ) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price

OfferZone (OFZ) ICO Review, ICO Rating, OFZ Token Price. The World's First Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Bidding Platform.
OfferZone (OFZ) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price

On today's competitive online business market it's important to keep up with the trends, prices and build the greatest possible number of prospects. Defining the target consumer group for your product is just too little. What you need is a proper tactics that helps you gather the customers around your message and encourage them to use the suggested offer. OFFERZONE is the perfect way to market your product with a raffle bid unique system that allows you to put the price OFFER you desire and set the amount you are willing to take internally. By doing this you can place and publish a lower price than anyone on the market and at the same time get the highest payment for your product or service.

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OfferZone (OFZ) ICO Information

Name OfferZone : The World's First Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Bidding Platform
Token OFZ
Token Price 1 OFZ = 0.1 USD
Token for Sale 130,480,000 OFZ (40%)
Pre-Sale Date 10/01/2018 - 12/25/2018
Token Sale Date 12/26/2018 - 01/31/2019
Token Sale Closes [ ] from now
Country United Kingdom
Review -

Premised on the native ERC-20 token, Offerzone is a blockchain-based platform specifically developed to be the first decentralized peer-to-peer bidding ecosystem for the global E-commerce industry. Our unique ecosystem, powered by the technology of Blockchain, is designed to erect and create various solutions to the challenges faced by bidders, buyers or consumers on the different E-commerce stores. Interestingly, we are aware of the revenues lost from insecurities and centralized decisions inherent in the bidding processes; and we have come with Offerzone, devoted to enhance and improve the quality of consumers' shopping experiences and their productivities. In essence, E-commerce stores, online marketplaces, and purchases face serious challenges, including but not limited to the rising rate of fraudsters and lack of trust taking advantages of people who want to buy at an affordable price and sellers/business owners who want to maximize their profits.

With a turnover running to billions of dollars throughout the world, it is simple to understand how the bidding world can open new ground for massive opportunities. Although the global E-commerce industry in general and the sales bidding platform, in particular, are thriving markets, it remains disparate and difficult, irrespective of how it is managed. Given the complexities of the bidding processes, insincerities among the sellers, and the complex wining analysis of choosing the highest bidders, consumers and buyers are forced to look elsewhere to purchase their goods or products. The entry barriers for the consumers who are willing to bid, the cumbersome centralized platforms of the various e-commerce stores, and sensitivity of the appropriate to bid for products are all the problems facing the traditional way of bidding for products online-purchasing.

Nevertheless, bidders, buyers, and consumers are continuously looking for decentralized platforms where goods can be bought at an affordable price as well as a guarantee that their bids have been correctly received so that they won't pay for products more than they have to. In another word, buyers seek a platform where they will be incentivized, rewarded for their return purchases, and guaranteed a refund when they fail to win a bid.

Through a cryptographically-secured platform where goods are documented and uploaded by our sellers at lower prices than the market prices, Offerzone seeks to provide comfort and ease of access for buyers and consumers alike. Our smart contract protocols will automatically refund the OFZ tokens if a buyer places a bid offer and is not accepted after the sales have been concluded.

The competent offerzone team strongly believes in the decentralization of the global trade, offer, and sales peer-to-peer bidding platform. In the nearest future, Offerzone is expected to have reshaped the online shopping experience and create the next crypto-ecommerce platform; thereby improving how goods are bought and consumers rewarded.

Token Info
Platform Ethereum
Token Type ERC-20
Supply 326,200,000 OFZ
Investment Info
Softcap 4,285 ETH
Hardcap 37,280 ETH
Restricted Countries Iran, United States of America
Min. Purchase 0.05 ETH
Bonus 40%
Victor Salatiel

CTO & Senior Developer

Marco Alvarez

Ceo & Founder

Jessica Vardanyan

E-commerce specialist & business development

Danielle Abbadie

E-commerce specialist

Marcio Santos

Content design manager & Blockchain developer

Eduardo Martinez

Community Manager

Vanessa Mennechey

IT and Design

Nelly Vega

Bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing

Francisco Orozco

Marketing and advertising

Smith Villarreal

Marketing & logistics

Valeria Bernal

Community manager

Arman Hryhorian

Marketing Manager

Victoria Krutikova

Specialist in Marketing

Maryana Konobewskaya

Web Design

Apr 2017

The Beginning of the E-commerce bid system software development.

Jul 2017

A complete software security and performance testing.

Aug 2017

Founded the OfferZone project.

Nov 2017

Assemble the core team and design the OfferZone brand.

Dec 2017

Technical & strategy development.

Feb 2018

Build and initialize ERC-20 Ethereum token, “OFZ”.

Apr 2018

Purchased a total of 140 - S9 & L3+ mining machines for the first bids OFFER sale that will be launch on the Pre-sale date.

May 2018

Release of the E-commerce bid system software. Full version ready for for the public.

Jun 2018

Develop and release enhanced OFZ smart contract.

Jul 2018

Exchange listing initiation proposal.

Oct 2018

Pre - sale offer & OfferZone first community Raffle Promotion

Nov 2018


Jan 2019

Community Raffle Promos! Second OfferZone community Bid Raffle. Will announced product SURPRISE one week before promotion date.

Jun 2019

“AI” smart Multi-services platform integration for products, services, jobs, advertising, trading and much more

Aug 2019

Development of iOS and Android Smart OfferZone Platform apps

Dec 2020

Global OfferZone exchange market integrated with over 2,000,000 users

Feb 2021

Complete system and project audit to analyze growth and plan for future scalability

Rating Distribution
Information 2.0
Product 1.0
Vision 1.0
Team 0.6
Marketing 2.3

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