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Hedge (HEDG) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price

Hedge (HEDG) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price

The decentralized application “Hedge” is a platform uniquely designed for trading predictions, analysis, speculation, and education. Traders can post trading predictions in the form of a smart contract powered “Blueprint” and be rewarded for accurate forecasting.

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Hedge (HEDG) ICO Information

Name Hedge : A platform uniquely designed for trading predictions, analysis, and education.
Token HEDG
Token Price 1 HEDG = 0.02 USD
Token for Sale 500,000,000 HEDG (50%)
Pre-Sale Date 08/01/2018 - 08/31/2018
Token Sale Date 10/17/2018 - 11/17/2018
Token Sale Closes [ ] from now
Country Canada
Review -

Capital markets, in general, are riddled with fear, uncertainty, and doubt. As a result, volatility cannot be explained through conventional principles and financial predictions available on the internet generally become baseless and hard to trust. The lack of a democratic process when determining reliable information with the sheer volume of participants leaves many with information that is challenging to rely on.

Hedge is a networking hub for financial and cryptocurrency trading experts, and for newcomers seeking trading predictions for cryptocurrencies, stocks, options, commodities, or any other tradable product. The Hedge platform is driven by the HEDG token, this improves investor confidence for these predictions through staking mechanisms operated via smart contracts, and through a proprietary user rank algorithm that highlights users with excellent performance.

Financial prediction markets are speculative markets created with the intent of trading outcomes for financial instruments from participants.The structure of these markets is very simple; users trade contracts through an exchange that provides payout. Prediction markets work using similar fundamental principles that drive other markets. The value of assets is uncertain, so a large number of traders attempt to profit by trading based on their beliefs, analytics, and available information. Decentralized prediction markets are important for the development of a sustainable economy. Blockchain technology allows traders to enter predictive contracts without the need of a broker to manage the trade.​Prediction markets have an enhanced capability to efficiently aggregate all accessible data that is pertinent to the outcome of an event. A large number of firms have thousands of active traders producing millions of dollars in trading volume with exponentially growing profits, but most are not taking advantage of the potential of prediction markets.

Token Info
Platform Ethereum
Token Type ERC-20 (Utility)
Supply 1,000,000,000 HEDG
Investment Info
Softcap 10,000,000 USD
Hardcap 10,000,000 USD
Accepting ETH
Restricted Countries Canada, China, Singapore, United States of America
Whitelist / KYC Yes / Yes
David Waslen

Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Radulescu

Core Developer

Peter Danihel

Lead Developer

Frank Danihel

Chief Operating Officer

Rhys Boulanger

Marketing & SEO

Vida Moayedi

Front End Developer

Allan Redman

Senior Developer

Eric Godwin

Solutions Architect

Chris Chan

Data Scientist

Hedge Alpha

The Hedge Alpha release contains all necessary functionality congruent to our Blueprint staking model. Introductory features provide Hedge platform users with the ability to create smart contract predictions on any cryptocurrency available through the CryptoCompare API.

The primary staking model introduced in this release gives Blueprint creators the ability to stake a variable number of HEDG tokens to satisfy a more profitable outcome. In order to incentivize initial purchasers, the first nine purchasers of a Blueprint will be entitled to an increased return in their purchase stake if the prediction is incorrect.

Hedge Beta

The Hedge Beta release will be available for access to private invite-only members. User feedback will be attained to ensure the public release is stable and fully functional.

Hedge V1

The initial public release will possess the same features as the Beta version, albeit with improved UX and UI additions

Hedge V2

The Hedge V2 platform will integrate our proprietary Proof-of-Rank technology, accompanied by a decentralized Oracle, and referral system. V2 will support data from additional financial markets, allowing users to create Blueprint predictions on stocks, commodities, or any other exchange traded product.

Hedge V3

Blueprints created in Hedge V3 will feature the Decentralized Dispute Resolution process and the implementation of an additional staking model. This staking model will benefit users that hold a greater number of HEDG tokens. All Blueprint purchasers and creators will be entitled to an increased payout using a tiered system that depends on the amount of HEDG tokens the user is holding in their wallet.

Rating Distribution
Information 7.5
Product 8.0
Vision 8.5
Team 8.0
Marketing 8.0
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Hedge (HEDG) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price
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Hedge (HEDG) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price
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Hedge (HEDG) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price
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Author : asrinur Bitcointalk
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