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HandleMode (HNDL) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price

HandleMode (HNDL) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price

HandleMode will start off as a link between businesses and social media influencers from all platforms. Handles (HNDL) will be used as marketing dollars for companies to automatically hire social media influencers to drive traffic to their existing sales sites that can accept credit cards or crypto.

Website Whitepaper One Pager

HandleMode (HNDL) ICO Information

Name HandleMode : A Decentralized and Forever Ad Free Social Media Platform
Token Handle Token (HNDL)
Token Price 1 HNDL = 0.001 USD
Token for Sale 38,000,000,000 HNDL (76%)
Pre-Sale Date 08/01/2018 - 09/21/2018
Token Sale Date 09/22/2018 - 03/22/2019
Token Sale Closes [ ] from now
Review -

The pendulum has swung too far away from people, merchants, and the media in favor of current social media providers, who have created a global network that monetarily incentivizes fake news, lies, and scam advertisements. They further this goal by spying on all of their users and centralizing all of the data so that they can better “sell” to you. They then take another step by allowing the same scam companies to keep buying fake ad accounts to continue running their scam ads over and over on the network, as long as they are paying their ad bill.

This sort of centralization of power, money, and data is exactly the issue that Satoshi’s vision for blockchain could alleviate. The advancements in blockchain technology will make it possible to build a completely decentralized social media network running on smart contracts that cannot spy on you or collect data, does not have promoted ads, and does not use a politically biased algorithm. Although these benefits alone justify a new social media system, actually getting the masses to move over to a new system requires building a “better wheel” that gives users an enhanced user experience, even if they do not value decentralization. It has been proven that social media networks have almost no real barriers to entry because they are quick, free, and easy to join. The masses already made the jump from MySpace to Facebook in the past, and they will do it again as soon as someone presents them with a better option.

HandleMode is that better wheel; not only will it be decentralized and have its own cryptocurrency, but it offers exponentially more flexibility and user control over content. The home feed offers users a choice between scrolling an all photos/video feed or an all status/news feed. We are also introducing a revolutionary category system that allows users not only to scroll/swipe through popular images on the network but also to have complete control over what categories of posts they see or do not see. Selfie haters rejoice worldwide.

The real secret sauce of HandleMode is in building the world’s first automated influencer sales network. This will pass the majority of ad revenue from businesses to users on the network instead of a centralized ad network. On HandleMode, any user can be an influencer and earn our utility tokens for making sales. Users can then tip these tokens to journalists and other content creators or easily transfer them using @username handles instead of complex wallet IDs.

A tracked and automated influencer sales network cannot exist on current social networks that do not allow for offers to be tagged inside the user post. HandleMode is intended to benefit every person and industry in the world at the detriment of very few in Silicon Valley.

Token Info
Platform Ethereum
Token Type ERC-20
Supply 50,000,000,000 HNDL
Investment Info
Softcap 500,000 USD
Hardcap 20,000,000 USD
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC
Restricted Countries United States of America, Chinese
Bonus Pre-Sale = 40%
Round 1 = 20%
Round 2 = 10%
Taylor Durbin

Team Leader

Kevin Leeds


Nick Heldreth

Marketing Advisor

Q1 2018

Idea Structure
Legal Research

Q2 2018

Product Development

Q3 2018

Season 1 - Desktop App
Released on July 4th
Pre Token Sale

Q4 2018

Season 2- Mobile App
Token Sale Round 1

Q1 2019

Season 3- New Features Added
Token Sale Round 2

Q2 2019

Season 4 - Wallet
Features added w/Post
Tipping @username
Blockchain Transfers
Token Sale Round 3 (Final Round)

Q3 2019

Season 5 - Automatic Influencer
Sales Network Released

Q4 2019

Initiate Growth
Hacking Plan
Starts with our influencers

Rating Distribution
Marketing 1.4
Team 0.6
Information 2.0
Product 2.0
Vision 1.0

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HandleMode (HNDL) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price
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HandleMode (HNDL) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price
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HandleMode (HNDL) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price
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Author : asrinur Bitcointalk BountySuite
Donation :
ETH (ERC-20) Address: 0x86Ad36da59310683CfE8C2c66e798D2e636413fF
Bitcoin Address: 16DcB1iCq9rQ4PKQZUU8XhNcQ5qRCPmGsZ

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