ComBox (CBP) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price

ComBox (CBP) ICO Review, ICO Rating, CBP Token Price. Immersion Cooling System - The Next Generation of Mining.
ComBox (CBP) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price

We believe in mining and the future of cryptocurrency development. So we want to make our contribution to this process. That is why our Research Department has developed a unique technology of immersion GPU cooling using high density graphics card installation and maximum computing power with minimal power consumption. Now we have unique technologies and methodology of their application and we plan to expand our business and organize the production of containers, the process of mining by own capacities as well as the organization of an external pool to support own capacities with external ones. Such process will allow us to level up the growth of production complexity.

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ComBox (CBP) ICO Information

Name ComBox Technology : Immersion Cooling System - The Next Generation of Mining
Token CBP
Token Price 1 CBP = 0.002 ETH
Token for Sale 77,587,714 CBP (80%)
Pre-Sale Date 09/01/2018 - 10/31/2018
Main Sale Date 11/01/2018 - 11/30/2018
Token Sale Closes [ ] from now
Country Russia
Review -

We always proceed in a step-by-step way and check all the ideas and after it we try to implement them and / or expand by attracting foreign funds. All elements of the system meet stricter requirements and achieve the specified economic indicators taking into account maintenance costs. That is why we decided to develop many elements of the system instead of adaptation solutions from other manufacturers. We have done the following step by step:

  1. We have implemented 4 containers on the basis of air cooling with the use of graphics cards RX570. We have identified all gaps such as the density of the installation of cards, temperature changes, fire risks, pollution, overheating, etc.
  2. We combined containers into the digital ecosystem «ComBox» by implementing our own software solution and a set of hardware solutions for automatic extinguishing equipment, shutdown, remote control, etc.
  3. A model of immersion cooling is developed and implemented on the basis of a full-featured prototype which consists of one motherboard and 6 cards.
  4. We have implemented a section with 96 cards per boiler as an industrial solution of the future.
  5. We have implemented 1 container on immersion cooling which has 960 graphics cards with a maximum power consumption of 170 kW/h.
  6. We have developed a financial model and production structure for the future expanding for the commissioning of a new production line.

Initially we use the developed technologies both in mining and in hightech computing under the forming demand. For example, the supercomputer «Lomonosov» of IBM installed in Moscow State University is equipped with 94,000 processors and has a capacity of about 674 TFlop/s. It is on the TOP 20 most powerful supercomputers in the world and it occupies a huge hall. Our one 20-foot container produces 5000 TFlop /s. It is seven times more productive and much cheaper.

Token Info
Platform Ethereum
Token Type ERC-20
Supply 96,984,643 CBP
Investment Info
Softcap 39,000,000 USD
Hardcap 45,000,000 USD
Accepting BTC, ETH
Restricted countries United States of America
Bonus Pre-Sale = 30%
CrowdSale 1 = 15%
CrowdSale 2 = 10%
CrowdSale 3 = 5%
Aleksandr Pankratov

Founder, CEO and Seed Investor

Dmitriy Elagin

Founder, CTO and Seed Investor

Dmitriy Rytvinskiy

Co-founder, CFO

Ilya Dushin

Chief crypto officer

Valery Turchaninov

Product director

Olga Kurnickaya

Legal department

Ruslan Dreval

Social economics department

Andrey Oleksuk

Localization project manager & traffic manager

Christina Muraviova

Information design

Julia Kishenkova

Information design

Mariya Guryeva

Project manager

Natalya Spiridonova

Content manager

Ruslan Strelnikov

Backend developer

Natalia Mustafina

Graphic and web-designer

Andrey Martyanov

Head designer


SMART PCI Express x6 Expansion Backplane
Voltages, temperature, humidity and cooling control

ComBox AC (AIR Cooling)
Universal Mobile Unit ready for all type of blockchain solutions


Board for Immersion Cooling
World’s highest efficiency universal computing solution

ComBox IC (Immercion Cooling)
World’s highest perfomance universal computing unit with immersion cooling

Parallel Computing Solution
Selling of computing power for modeling complex processes and neural networks


High Efficiency GPU-card
Development and produce of specifically solutions for air and immersion mining systems

Own Solo mining Pool
Organized for combobox token holders only


ComBox Pool
Highly profitable multi currency pool

Rating Distribution
Information 10
Product 9.0
Vision 8.0
Team 9.5
Marketing 8.5
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ComBox (CBP) ICO Review, Rating, Token Price
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