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Tita Project (TTN) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Tita Project (TTN) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Overview : The TITA Network is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain through the use of Smart contracts. The TITA Project is creating a decentralized network, its ecosystems are driving to Increase the Efficiency of the Supply Chain of finished or unfinished goods, Bridges Asset Investments, diversifies risk in the commodity Market and provides enhanced financing for producing communities.

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Tita Project (TTN) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Name Tita Project : Blockchain Technology on Commodity Trading
Ticker TTN
Token Type ERC20
Token Price 1 TTN = 0.1 USD
Available for Token Sale 87,400,000 TTN (35%)
Pre-Sale Date 07/27/2018 - 09/27/2018
Main Sale Date 10/30/2018 - 11/30/2018 Ends in :
Country Nigeria
Review -

The public ledger technology has begun to show promising solutions to financial transactions and services in a lot of industries and we have decided to apply this into the trading of commodities and finished goods. For example, what is the need of clearing houses if we can have the chance of automated post-trade “smart contracts”? Because, trading hard or soft commodities requires besides market volatility, also management of supply chain and counterparty risk. So how best can all these processes be handled in a way that shows transparency, provides security, and brings the ease of doing business?

The TITA ecosystems are powered by the the Ethereum Blockchain due to its uniqueness of the “Smart contract”. This is because we have uniquely designed features linked by addresses which serve as activities within the ecosystem and are mapped out at the back end with series of smart contract codes which automatically come into function or terminate when certain conditions during transaction between two parties are met.

The TITA Token is the common entity which moves between these addresses (Activities) and triggers the desired functions to automatically come into play or be terminated. The concept design has made it possible for the TITA Tokens to be built in a unique way and designed with functions to fit for tracking physical commodities and goods along the supply chain, where a lot of transnational procedures are still recorded on paper. On the TITA network you have the benefit of managing all the title transfers electronically through a distributed public ledger, certified by any counterparty of the supply chain, which would eventually increase trust between the market players (and reduce counterparty risk) and ease hedging processes due to elimination of clearing.

The TITA Project has a strong value proposition to logistic companies, security companies providing services for commodity trade, clearing houses, agents, buyers and sellers who are not only incentivised for participating but have a trusted platform. We will create a unique space for our users by creating a multifunctional platform and that connects these markets, makes trading easier and gives them the ability to access a wide range of services not limited to logistics, tracking and security services. We have employed data analysis from surveys based on geographical locations to provide real time solutions to address particular trade problems and give traders access to enhanced financial systems like credit lines after extensive verification to boost production and trade.

Token Info
Investment Info
Token TTN Soft cap 5,000,000 TTN
Platform Ethereum Hard cap 87,500,000 TTN
Token price 1 TTN = 0.1 USD Whitelist / KYC Yes / Yes
Tokens for sale 87,400,000 TTN Accepting ETH, BTC
Tokens supply 250,000,000 TTN Pre-sale Date 07/27/2018 - 09/27/2018
Token Distribution Ecosystem = 30%
Main Sale = 25%
Reserve = 15%
PreICO = 10%
Founders & Team = 9%
Private Sale = 5%
Advisors & Marketers = 3%
Bounty & Campaign = 2%
Token Sale Cost = 1%
Main Sale Date

Restricted Countries
10/30/2018 - 11/30/2018

China, South Korea, United States of America
Token Allocation Project Development = 50%
Expenses of daily logistics management = 15%
Reserve = 15%
Branding, Promotions and Marketing = 9%
Buy back tokens to ensure liquidity = 5%
Legal fees = 5%
Token Sale costs = 1%
Bonus Private sale: 25%
pre-sale: 10%
Co-Founder Co-Founder Team Lead, Strategy
Team Lead, Blockchain development, CTO Team Lead, Finance PR and Marketing

CEO, Cowrie shell CEO, Agriledger Business advisor, Airpod technologies ltd
Legal Counsel, D&D Partners ICO Marketer, Art Pro CEO, DT Consulting
Dec 2017 Concept, Analysis and design of the project
Preparation for Token Sale / Private Sale of TITA tokens Jan-Jun 2018
Jul 2018 ICO pre sale begins
ICO ends / Exchange Listing / TITA CENTER Platform development and beta testing begins Nov-Dec 2018
Jan-feb 2019 TITA center African Market Launch
TITA CENTER Product update implementation/ Expansion in African Market / Partners Round table meeting and Seminar Mar-Apr 2019
May-Aug 2019 TITA EXCHANGE Development and Beta Testing
TITA CENTER Asian and Middle East Market Launch / TITA EXCHANGE LAUNCH For Africa Sep-Dec 2019
Jan-Mar 2020 TITA Network Product Update implementation / Partners Conference and Round Table Seminar
Implementation of government and Producing community’s synergy programs / Expansion in Newly Launched Markets Apr-Sep 2020
Oct-Dec 2020 American Market Launch

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Product Vision Information
8.5 8.0 9.5
Social Media Team Marketing
9.0 7.0 7.5

  ICO List Calendar and Ratings

Author: asrinur
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=1114528

ETH (ERC-20) Address: 0x86Ad36da59310683CfE8C2c66e798D2e636413fF
Bitcoin Address: 16DcB1iCq9rQ4PKQZUU8XhNcQ5qRCPmGsZ

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