Coinolix Exchange (CLX) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

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Coinolix Exchange (CLX) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Overview : Coinolix exchange provides a wide range of crypto currencies, ERC20 tokens. Easy to use User Interface combined with high performance trading engine. Coinolix exchange follows a best practice by keeping the majority of the asset reserve in cold storage, which is not present on the web server or any other computer to secure users fund on exchange wallet.

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Coinolix Exchange (CLX) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Name Coinolix Exchange : A pure cryptocurrency exchange and a fiat pegged cryptocurrency solution
Token Type ERC20
Token Price 1 CLX = 0.25 USD
Available for Token Sale 500,000,000 CLX (50%)
Pre-Sale Date 10/08/2018 - 11/07/2018
Main Sale Date 11/08/2018 - 12/13/2018 Ends in :
Country Estonia
Review -

At coinolix together with our team we are developing the first multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem by combining a robust exchange platform and a decentralized blockchain protocol in which digital tokens are pegged to One US Dollar and backed by asset reserve as gold by Coinolix Exchange Limited to provide a decentralized method of exchanging value through our Fiat pegged Coinamia coin.

A pure cryptocurrency exchange - Coinolix Exchange Limited

In today’s market there are two types of exchanges, fiat currency based exchange and pure cryptocurrency based exchange. we will only focus on pure cryptocurrency exchange.

A fiat pegged cryptocurrency solution - Coinamia Fiat Coin(USDC)

A peer-to-peer crypto-currency design derived from Proof-of-stake consensus to provide network security. Each USDC coin unit issued into circulation is backed in a one to one ratio (i.e. One USDC is one US dollar) by the corresponding asset reserve held in bank by coinolix Limited. This cryptocurrency will be  redeemable or exchangeable for the underlying asset reserve following to Coinolix Exchange Limited’s terms of service. it will be transferable and spendable, much the same as some other cryptocurrency.

Token Info
Investment Info
Token CLX Soft cap 4,500,000 USD
Platform Ethereum Hard cap 83,333,100 USD
Token price 1 CLX = 0.25 USD Whitelist / KYC Yes / Yes
Tokens for sale 500,000,000 CLX Accepting BTC, ETH, USD, LTC
Tokens supply 1,000,000,000 CLX Pre-sale Date 10/08/2018 - 11/07/2018
Token Distribution ICO Crowdsale = 40%
Founder Team = 20%
Angel Investor = 15%
Advisors = 10%
ICO Pre-Sale = 10%
Refferal = 3%
Bounty = 2%
Main Sale Date

Restricted Countries
11/08/2018 - 12/13/2018

China, Singapore, United States of America
Token Allocation Exchange Development = 40%
Marketing = 25%
Liquid Reserve = 20%
Infrastucture = 10%
Legal Expenses= 5%
Bonus Pre-sale: 20%
First & second weeks: 20%
Week Three: 10%
Week Four: 5%
CEO CTO Opration Director
Management Head & strategic planner Content Manager Marketing Director
Business Developer Community Manager Senior PR Manager

Mar 2017 Cryptocurrency exchange technical and market research begins for next generation centralized and decentralized exchange development.
Cryptocurrency trade engine finalized and review face begin for security audit and UI development of exchange. Aug 2017
Jan 2018 Gathering of highly skilled development team for building exchange and finalizing blockchain technology for Fiat coin altogether.
Market research and analysis for Planning Initial Coin offering. Finalizing Mar 2018
Aug 2018 Private sale start 8 Aug 2018.

Starting of Airdrop and white listing and KYC registration for crowdsale.
Fiat coin blockchain development and consensus development audit. Sep 2018
Oct 2018 ICo Pre-sale Phase begins for two week on 8 Oct 2018 ending on 7 Nov 2018.
Beginning of ICO crowdsale on 8 Nov 2018 which ends on 13 Dec 2018. Nov 2018
Jan 2019 Full version of the exchange online.
Announcement of tie-ups with third party trustee for gold reserve and liquid reserve audit.

Wallet and Merchant Detail release.

Official partnership announcement of online merchant for fiat exchange.
Q1 2019
Q2 2019 Expansion of payment solution and Gatways all continents.

Expand Exchange Marketing and Scalibility of trading engine of Coinolix Exchange.

Beta version of the Decentralized exchange online for testing.
Full version of Decentralized exchange release. Q4 2019

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Product Vision Information
9.0 9.0 10.0
Social Media Team Marketing
9.5 8.0 8.5

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