Taurus0x (TAUR) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Taurus0x (TAUR) ICO Review, ICO Ratings, TAUR Token Price
Taurus0x (TAUR) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Overview : Taurus0x is an off-chain/on-chain, secure and scalable protocol powering smart derivatives. The protocol intends to standardize derivative trading and provide a distributed blockchain backend for persisting and executing contracts. Contracts are generated and signed securely offline, and may be transmitted over any network. The protocol leverages multisig contract technology and Elliptic Curve Cryptography to generate and verify digital signatures.

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Taurus0x (TAUR) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Name Taurus0x : Distributed off-chain / on-chain protocol powering smart derivatives
Ticker TAUR
Token Type ERC20
Token Price 1 TAUR = 0.0001 ETH
Available for Token Sale 150,903,262 TAUR (60.36%)
Pre-Sale Date 06/21/2018 – 07/06/2018
Main Sale Date 07/07/2018 – 09/06/2018
Review -

Taurus0x is distributed off-chain / on-chain protocol powering smart derivatives from end to end, for any asset over any network. Taurus0x is not an exchange, rather it is a base layer protocol that powers derivative markets for all kinds of exchanges, not limited to cryptocurrency.

The protocol is asset-agnostic, therefore not limited to cryptocurrencies or even derivatives for that matter. It is an ad-hoc and scalable contract management solution meant to guarantee trusted outcomes in the future based on conditions specified today. The semi off-chain nature of the protocol helps remediate Ethereum’s scalability limitations and makes it a viable product. We are one of the few projects out there that incorporates on-chain / off-chain derivatives. Essentially a few big players are trying to incorporate off chain processing for scalability, cost (less transactions, less gas), and robustness. Examples include 0x and Lightning Network. The Taurus0x team also intends to build a layer to make the protocol blockchain agnostic, therefore works on Ethereum, EOS, Tezos, etc.

Taurus0x protocol is ultimately built to serve end consumers who trade derivative contracts and supports existing business models as well as peer-to-peer transactions. Participants may engage in peer-to-peer derivative contracts among each other without the need for a house in the middle. Exchanges who want to take on the derivative market may use an open-source protocol without worrying about building a full backend to handle contract engagement and settlement.

Token Info
Token TAUR
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 TAUR = 0.0001 ETH
Tokens for sale 150,903,262 TAUR
Tokens supply 250,000,000 TAUR
Token Distribution Token Sale Round 3 = 30%
Token Sale Round 2 = 20%
Team, Advisors = 15%
Taurus0x Trust = 15%
Token Sale Round 1 = 10%
Pre-Sale = 5%
Growth Reserve = 5%

Investment Info
Soft cap None
Hard cap 15,090 ETH
Restricted countries No restrictions
Whitelist / KYC Yes / Yes
Accepting ETH
Pre-Sale Date 06/21/2018 – 07/06/2018
Main sale Date 07/07/2018 – 09/06/2018
Bonus Pre-Sale = 30%
Token Sale Round 1 = 20%
Token Sale Round 2 = 10%

Rawad Rifai | Co-Founder, CEO

Brett Hayes | Co-Founder, CTO

Rami Nasrallah | Marketing, COO

Aymen Elsalim | Business Development

Muyuan Li | Software Contributor

Kyle Graden | Marketing Contributor

May Muhsin | Software Contributor

___ Advisors ___

Bernard Abdo | Partner @ 8F Investment Partners

Gorden Cheng | CISSP, CISM, CISA

Rees Morgan | CEO @ QubeChain

Jorge Sebastiao | CISSP, ISO27001 Lead Auditor, ITIL, ISP
Q3, 2017 Business analysis
Technical feasibility
Team formation
Q4, 2017 Business entity setup
Product development
Token design
Q1, 2018 Product development
Strategic partnerships
Q2, 2018 Product development
Security Compliance
Marketing logistics
Beta release mainnet
Round 1 of crowd sale
Q3, 2018 Exchange partnerships
Taurus0x API Service release
Round 2 of crowd sale
Q4, 2018 3rd party integrations R&D
Exchange as a Service (EaaS) R&D
Decentralized governance R&D
Bug bounty announcement
Round 3 of crowd sale
Cross-chain R&D (Tezos, EOS, and NEO)
Q1, 2019 Mobile apps development
First Taurus0x Trust meeting
Hacker Bounty announcement
Security audit completion
Q2, 2019 Taurus0x main net release
DAO development
Q3, 2019 3rd party integrations Rollout
Cross-chain integration
Tarus0x mobile app integration
Q4, 2019 DAO rollout
9.0 / 10.0
4.5 / 5.0
4.4 / 5.0
8.0 / 10.0

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