HELIXHILLS (HILL) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

HELIXHILLS (HILL) ICO Review, ICO Ratings, HILL Token Price, Token Sale Details
HELIXHILLS (HILL) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Overview : HELIXHILLS - using Blockchain Infrastructure to help consumers, service providers, and professional consultants automate the algorithms for selecting business partners and concluding deals, record interaction time and bill the relevant parties using corresponding tariffs, and provide instant loans to reliable users.

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HELIXHILLS (HILL) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Name HelixHills : Decentralised Service Market
Ticker HILL
Token Type ERC20
Token Price 1 HILL = 0.001 ETH
Available for Token Sale 65,000,000 HILL (65%)
Pre-Sale Date 07/03/2018
Main Sale Date 10/27/2018
Review -

Limitless needs and limited opportunities create deterministic demand.

More than 5 billion people want to increase their income every day, no matter how much they earn and whether they have a permanent place of work.

These two entities give birth to a Services Market that exists as long as there is a society.

Therefore, the creators of the HELIXHILLS project have seen the prospect of uniting such concepts as a Market Service, Blockchain Technologies and Smart contracts for the first time creating a truly unique DECENTRALIZED MARKET OF SERVICES, in which smart contracts will be used for their intended purposes and tokens will receive a value of true money secured by the most popular resources on the planet: The Professional Skills of People!

In the HELIXHILLS eco-system, Smart contracts are used for their intended purposes and tokens receive a value of true money secured by the most popular resources on the planet: The Professional Skills of People!

Everything is simple with HELIXHILLS.

HELIXHILLS is created for people to pursue two main objectives:

to order services;
to earn while providing services;
however, the process of ordering the service is as convenient and simple as buying a chocolate bar in a supermarket: wanted-received.

A purpose of HELIXHILLS is the satisfaction of the needs of the customer and income generation by executor at a time when they need it. At the same time, platform users become active participants in the blockchain network, executing works in the real world.

This is a unique opportunity to earn as many tokens as you like and use them as the usual money, paying for other work inside and beyond HELIXHILLS, or use them as financial instruments: to trade tokens on the stock exchange, to accumulate. Just imagine what popularity will get tokens of HELIXHILLS.

The market of individual services has long needed a restructuring of the technical base, which will give a new impetus to its development, taking into account a key industry features. Blockchain along with other technologies in the IT sphere can change it.

And finally, thanks to the HELIXHILL tokens, each participant of the platform will be able to join the modern tools of earnings, which are now accessible mainly to a limited number of people in the sphere of cryptotechnology.

Creating our project, we also strive to make our significant to the development of blockchain technology.

Each of us can act as the customer and the executor. So, each of us will become the owner of HELIXHILL tokens and will contribute to the spread of blockchain technologies in everyday life.

Token Info
Token HILL
Platform Ethereum
Token price 1 HILL = 0.001 ETH
Tokens for sale 65,000,000 HILL
Tokens supply 100,000,000 HILL
Token Distribution Sale = 65%
Team = 15%
End-users = 11%
Partners = 6%
Bounty = 3%
Token Allocation Advertising = 50%
Development = 30%
Operating = 10%
Legal = 7%
Other = 3%

Investment Info
Soft cap 2,000 ETH
Hard cap 40,000 ETH
Whitelist / KYC None / None
Accepting ETH
Pre-sale Date 07/03/2018
Main Sale Date 10/27/2018
Bonus Pre-Sale = 500%
Level 1 = 100%
Level 2 = 95%
Level 3 = 80%
Level 4 = 75%
Level 5 = 60%
Level 6 = 55%
Level 7 = 50%
Level 8 = 45%
Level 9 = 40%
Level 10 = 0%



ADRIAN ARORA | Advisor, Mentor of HELIXHILLS project




DHANA TIMILSINA | Business strategist advisor

MALCOLM TAN | Lawyer - Entrepreneur. HELIXHILLS ICO Advisor

VLADIMIR VORONIN | Marketing manager – HELIXHILLS project

VADIM BRAIM-KLYUGVANT | Marketing director


KENNETH CUCCHIA | Strategic Marketing & Growth Advisor/HELIXHILLS PROJECT

STEPHANOS CONSTANTINOU | Investors relationship advisor

ANDREW ANDIEIEV | Technology advisor of HELIXHILLS project

ANASTASIIA MALOVA | Community manager – HELIXHILLS project

MARINA MURLYAN | Business Analyst, ICO Manager, Marketing Manager
Q3, 2017 The origin of HelixHils platform idea. Development business plan.
Q4, 2017 Start project development. Team building.
Q1, 2018 Development WhitePaper and other documents, development of a smart contract for HILL token release. PreSale ICO conducting.
Jul 3, 2018 Start PREICO
Attraction of advisors, partnership model development.
Q3, 2018 ICO preparing, HELIXHILLS company registration. Start HELIXHILLS platform development
Oct 27, 2018 Start ICO.
HELIXHILLS platform development. Technical audit.
Q1, 2019 HELIXHILLS web platform application development. Integration with Ethereum Blockchain. Development of HelixHills Blockchain control subsystem.
Q4, 2019 HILL tokens listing on crypto-currency stocks. Start of the marketing campaign to attract end-users
Q1, 2020 HelixHils mobile application development. Release of platform’s beta version.
Q2, 2020 Start attraction of end-users to the HelixHills ecosystem. Region USA. Further development of the ecosystem.
Q3, 2020 Start attraction of end-users to the HelixHills ecosystem. Region Europe. Further development of ecosystem ( 3,000,000 active users).
Q4, 2020 Start attraction of end-users to the HelixHills ecosystem. Other countries. Further development of ecosystem ( 10,000,000 active users).
7.5 / 10.0
3.7 / 5.0
7.1 / 10.0

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