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Dafzo (DFZ) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Dafzo (DFZ) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Overview : Dafzo is combination of Fintech + logistics Blockchain ledger that used decentralised Ledger Technology to develop fully automated Global Logistics Aggregator by placing the power - entirely into the hands of the importer & exporter community and replace existing financial intermediaries.

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Dafzo (DFZ) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Name Dafzo : Decentralized Global Logistics Platform
Ticker DFZ
Token Type ERC20
Token Price 1 DFZ = 0.5 USD
Available for Token Sale 45,500,000 DFZ (65%)
Pre-Sale Date June 2018
Main Sale Date Q4 2018 Ends in :
Country United Kingdom
Review -

To create a unique decentralised ecosystem builtaround the Dafzo Utility Token for Independent paper les International Trade finance ecosystem without bank to facilitate Importer/buyer to issue Letter of Credit and Global shipment forwarding system for exporter/seller, without any geographical barrier, to empower the community & SME through an innovative automated ecosystem for decentralization and optimum efficiency.

Dafzo aims to create a Utility Token market for the world, especially focusing on cryptocurrencies friendly countries EU, Asia and especially India, democratizing funding for new Blockchain Projects. Dafzo ERC20 compliant cryptocurrencies Smart Utility Tokens also act as a gateway to cryptocurrency based logistics markets for EU Blockchain companies and a go-to place for launching new ones, Dafzo P2P platform will help prospective business build a legal framework for digital assets and execute successful logistics projects. Dafzo in the near future allows exchanging Dafzo token from ETH to EUR or US dollars in moments through DLT programmes partnership with crypto friendly countries government programmes by obtaining a license.

Token Info
Investment Info
Token DFZ Soft cap N /A
Platform Ethereum Hard cap 20,000,000 USD
Token price 1 DFZ = 0.5 USD Whitelist / KYC None / Yes
Tokens for sale 45,500,000 DFZ Accepting ETH, BTC, BCH
Tokens supply 70,000,000 DFZ Pre-sale Date June 2018
Token Distribution Crowd = 65%
Founding Team = 20%
Advisors = 10%
Bounty + Referral = 5%
Main Sale Date

Restricted Countries
Q4 2018

United States of America
Token Allocation IT Infrastructure = 45%
Operations = 38%
Marketing = 12%
Legal = 5%
Bonus Available
Prateek Sharma Sushant Kumar Nischal Arvind Singh
Co-Founder & CEO Co-Founder & COO Project Lead & ICO Legal Consultant
Choi Namkyu Deekshith Marla Mubashsher Salim
Blockchain & Tech Architecture Artificial intelligence & Machine learning Cloud computing & automation
Jeoffrey Mathews Yuen Wong Dinesh Puri
Crypto Financial Analyst & smart contract Business Partner & advisor China region Logistics Operations and Supply Chain Expert
Vakhtang Abuladze Harpreet Singh Walia Deepika Vijay
E-commerce Business Partner & advisor Marketing Advisor PR executive & office coordinator
Kunal Karani Danny J.Christ Sagar Aggarwal
Investor relations Investor Relations Malaysia & Germany Business Consultant, ASEAN Countries
Q1 2017 Market Survey
Beta launch in India (Courierhome) Q2 2017
Q3 2017 Business Partnership
ICO Framework & Partnership Q1 2018
Q2 2018 Pre-ICO
4 Blockchain & AI Intergration Q3 2018
2019 Commencement of Operations
Dafzo Payment Gateway
Diversification to Europe
Installation to smart Locker
2021 Worldwide Expansion
Global Tracking For Every Company

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Product Vision Information
8.0 8.0 7.5
Social Media Team Marketing
9.0 7.0 7.5

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Author: asrinur
Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1114528

ETH (ERC-20) Address: 0x86Ad36da59310683CfE8C2c66e798D2e636413fF
Bitcoin Address: 16DcB1iCq9rQ4PKQZUU8XhNcQ5qRCPmGsZ

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