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Capital Technologies & Research (CALL & CALLG) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Capital Technologies & Research (CALL & CALLG) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Overview : Capital Technologies & Research will be manufacturing a computerized environment for what is to come, and is poised to revolutionize communication between users. By relaying communication between multiple random nodes in order to decentralize private voice calls and messages, making it more accessible and cheaper for users.

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Capital Technologies & Research (CALL & CALLG) ICO Review, Ratings, Token Price

Name Capital Technologies & Research : First Decentralized Private Communication Solution
Token Type ERC20
Token Price 1 CALL = 0.35 - 1 USD
1 CALL = 200 CALLG
Available for Token Sale 52,500,000 CALL (50%)
10,500,000,000 CALLG (50%)
Private Sale Date 07/01/2018 – 07/30/2018
Pre-Sale Date 07/31/2018 – 08/29/2018
Main Sale Date 08/30/2018 – 09/30/2018
Review -

Being the first decentralized private voice calling and messaging provider, Capital (CALL) and CapitalGAS (CALLG) will revolutionize the current telecommunication industry by facilitating the following:

Capital (CALL) and CapitalGAS (CALLG) peer to peer cryptocurrencies are fully decentralized, designed to work as a unit of exchange without relying on a central server. It uses open protocol to facilitate secure payment transactions. The storage server is decentralized and distributed-divided into various servers, run by each user connected to the network.

Based on the latest smart contract technology of Ethereum blockchain, Capital (CALL) and CapitalGAS (CALLG) are one of the securest cryptocurrencies. Third parties are not privy to personal data, as this is encrypted. Also, digital assets are reserved in a wallet only users can access.

Users can enjoy the advantages of using a public blockchain while still being sure that their private information is protected.

As long as the recipient is connected to the internet, users can send Capital (CALL) and CapitalGAS (CALLG) anywhere in the world in seconds.

All transactions are recorded and displayed in blockchain.

The total supply of CapitalCoins will only be 105 000 000 Capital (CALL) worldwide and 21 000 000 000 CapitalGAS (CALLG). This will help them to avoid deflation and increasing supply coin. Prices will rise as demand grows and the number of coin will remain

Capital Technologies & Research uses a Blockchain database that is not controlled by any one party. This allows for digital information to be distributed but not copied. It has no single point of failure. All transactions are recorded live, are transparent, and are spread across multiple servers.

Capital Technologies & Research comes embedded with a digital Wallet with encryption. This allows users to secure their wallet, and enable them to view all of their transactions and account balance in one place. The encrypted wallet also protects from wallet-stealing Trojans and viruses, and will act as a security check before sending payments.

Token Info
Token Capital (CALL) & CapitalGAS (CALLG)
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Token price 1 CALL = 0.35 - 1 USD
1 CALL = 200 CALLG
Tokens for sale 52,500,000 CALL
10,500,000,000 CALLG
Tokens supply 105,000,000 Capital (CALL)
21,000,000,000 CapitalGAS (CALLG)
Token Distribution Public Sale = 85%
Team Members = 10%
Bounty Campaign = 5%
Token Allocation Development = 55%
Marketing = 35%
Advisors & Legal = 10%

Investment Info
Min. Investment 0.01 ETH
Max. Investment: 1,500 ETH
Whitelist / KYC Yes / Yes
Private Sale Date 07/01/2018 – 07/30/2018
Pre-Sale Date 07/31/2018 – 08/29/2018
Main sale Date 08/30/2018 – 09/30/2018

Marinescu Adrian | CEO

Marinescu Victor | CTO

Firu Gradoe Ionuț | CXO

Stani Ionuț Daniel | Digital Marketing Manager

Cîrjaliu Bogdan Dinel | Hardware Marketing Manager

Dinu Claudiu | Community Manager

Ionuț Moraru | Blockchain Developer

Attique Baig | Senior UI/UX designer

Inzmam UI Hassan | Software Engineer

Shahid Shoukat | Software Engineer

Fung Su Jung Gu | China Ambassador

___ Advisors ___

Martin Kuvandzhiev | Advisor

Mitroi Ionel | Advisor & Investor

Picioruș Marti | Advisor & Investor

Eliza Smaranda Mucioniu | Security Advisor & Investor
July 1, 2018 Private Sale
July 31, 2018 Pre-sale
August 30, 2018 Main Sale
September 29, 2018 Proof of Work (PoW) Test Network.
November, 2018 Integration of private text messages & voice communication into wallets.
December, 2018 Test Network Testing & Fixing (users are going to write testimonials about their experience with the blockchain)
January, 2019 Main Network Launch (users are invited to use the official wallet of the application)
February, 2019 Swap will become available for users, they will be able to swap their Capital (CALL) token into the Proof of Work Equihash network, CapitalGAS (CALLG) will also swap into Proof of Work Aragon2d network).
March, 2019 Development of a private operating system, based on the Android Operating System.
July, 2019 Custom Android OS based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for Qualcomm based chipsets
August, 2019 Development of a private application marketplace (replacement of Google Play marketplace) for Operating System will start.
September, 2019 Alpha version of application marketplace will be available for alpha testers.
December, 2019 Final version of the application marketplace will become available for all users and it will be included into the Android Operating System Update.
January, 2020 Research for Internet of Things devices integration with the blockchain.
7.0 / 10.0
6.5 / 10.0

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  ICO List Calendar and Ratings

Author: asrinur
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=1114528

ETH (ERC-20) Address: 0x86Ad36da59310683CfE8C2c66e798D2e636413fF
Bitcoin Address: 16DcB1iCq9rQ4PKQZUU8XhNcQ5qRCPmGsZ

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