Productivist (PROD) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details

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Productivist (PROD) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details

Overview : Create an open data stream whereby private companies of any scale and individuals can help power the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Productivist’s Blockchain Project aims to innovate the way we currently work, creating a new standard for smart manufacturing production. Thanks to the Blockchain, our open eco-system will manage the manufacturing 4.0 chain of command, decentralizing the production.

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Productivist (PROD) ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details

Name Productivist : Entering Manufacturing 4.0
Ticker PROD
Token Type ERC20
Token Price 1 PROD = 0.1 € EUR
Available for Token Sale 238,000,000 PROD (61.7%)
Pre-Sale Date 05/01/2018 - 05/15/2018
Main Sale Date 05/16/2018 - 07/31/2018
Review -

The Productivist Blockchain Project wishes to create a new standard for any manufacturing technology. Thanks to the Blockchain technology, we will be able to build an open system that will manage the chain of command of manufacturing 4.0 by decentralizing production: a remote and effective solution for manufacturers and their clients with secured data and transactions but also transparency:

Transferring a file with its technical information. For example, the .stl file is the list of coordinates provided by a slicer (a stereolithography software) or Gcode. With such a file we can guarantee the authorship, safeguarding, and destination of this file when it travels through the blockchain.

Connecting a manufacturing machine to our blockchain makes it “smart” and enables the real-time monitoring of the production: from the secured file transfer (without human intervention) to monitoring production until validation at the end of the manufacturing process.

By connecting all these machines to our trusted network, we can detect production time availability and send instructions to available machines. In addition, by means of Real-time monitoring the actual production level we can balance efforts between machines and set up a real solution for production schedule.

Token Info
Token PROD
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO Price 1 PROD = 0.065 € EUR
Price in ICO 1 PROD = 0.1 € EUR
Tokens for sale 238,000,000 PROD
Tokens supply 385,000,000 PROD

Investment Info
Soft cap 2,000,000 € EUR
Hard cap 20,000,000 € EUR
Restricted countries China, Singapore, United States of America
Whitelist / KYC None / Yes
Bonus Pre-Sale = 35%
Round 1 = 25%
Round 2 = 20%
Round 3 = 15%
Round 4 = 10%
Pre-sale Date 05/01/2018 - 05/15/2018
Main Sale Date 05/16/2018 - 07/31/2018




MAZEN GHARBI | Co-founder & Full Stack Engineer

ÁLVARO CANTON | Co-founder & Head of Communications

MARTHA SCOTT | Strategy & Business Developer (EN)

HAN XU WANG | Additive Manufacturing

BENOIT BENICH | System Administrator

NICOLAS MERLE | Blockchain Leader

LUC YRIARTE, PHD | Blockchain Engineer

JEREMIE FRANÇOIS, PHD | Blockchain Engineer

ZINE-EDDINE HASNI | Blockchain Engineer

MARCOS CARVALHO | Digital Strategist


ANA SOUSA | Designer / Illustrator


___ Advisors ___

PATRICK MUSSO | Head of economics Research at CNRS National Center for Scientific Research.

JEAN-MARIE LE SUEUR | Owner of Asterwind CO. Ltd, 30+ years experience in Manufacturing & Supply Chain.

DANIEL DOPPLER | President at Colossal Factory and experienced in artificial intelligence.

SÉBASTIEN GRIFFON | CTO of Play it open, expert in smart contract and traceability application. Ethereum developer.

JULIEN GOBERT | Payment specialist at Worldline, head of development, International Issuing Back Office

MATHIEU PESIN | Co-founder OpenWood. Manufacturing in the Blockchain enthusiast

BENJAMIN FUENTES | IBM Cloud Garage & Blockchain Advocate at IBM. Certified Hyperledger Fabric mentor.

ALEXANDRE CAPETTA | @Capetlevrai. Co-Founder of BaleineFR : one of the biggest crypto-communities in France.

LUCA BENEVOLO | CEO of Cryptense. Blockchain expert & contributor. ICO strategist.

KIRILL KAZAKOV | Marketing Strategy Advisor.

NIKOLAY SYUSKO | 10 years experience in leading European communications agencies. Helped Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Toyota, Unilever….
2016 Q1 2016
Freelabster(dot)com is born in France.

Q2 2016
Freelabster(dot)com open in IT, ES, GER and GB.

Q3 2016
First partnerships signed and the community keep growing.

Q4 2016
1500 certified Freelabsters and 6 000 3D printers linked to the platform.
2017 Q1 2017
Important market research leads to new partnerships with major companies.

Q2 2017
- Democratization of 3D printing requires a new and more global approach.
- Freelabster(dot)com open in BE, NL & PT.
- The site is translated into Chinese and we start working with Chinese industrial partners.

Q3 2017
Big industrial companies require us to create a SAAS service to handle internal and external 3D printing.

Q4 2017
The concept of Productivist is born. First prototypes of the product and the blockchain.
2018 Q1 2018
The Productivist Team is devoted fully to the project; the whitepaper and all their documents are published on our new website : ico(dot)productivist(dot)com.

Q2 2018
- The Productivist concept is mature and ready to be developed.
- Productivist PRE-ICO announced.
- The PROD token is listed on major crypto Exchanges

Q3 2018
- The Productivist Blockchain concept is launched.
- The PROD tokens are distributed.
- CxO recruitments.

Q4 2018
- The Productivist Blockchain V1 is realeased.
- The smart device hits alpha version.
- Opening in Eastern Europe, North Africa, Hong-Kong and Singapore.
2019 Q1 2019
- Freelabster(dot)com is migrated to our blockchain, tokens can now be used to purchase services.
- API and SDK to connect to the Productivist blockchain is published, any marketplace can use the blockchain technology and accept PROD as currency.
- Productivist Business team recuitments.

Q2 2019
- The Productivist SAAS service goes live. First Industrial partners start using the service.
- Opening in South America, Asia, Australia and Russia.

Q3 2019
- New marketplaces are using the Productivist Standard.
- The PROD is widely used within the global ecosystem.
- Opening in Canada and preparation to launch in the USA.

Q4 2019
- The smart device device hits beta version.
- Productivist(dot)com open registrations to any kind of companies (Industrial, Retail and SME).
2020 Q1 2020
- The Smart device is marketed and sold to individual and companies.
- CNC technology is implemented into the Productivist ecosystem.

Q2 2020
- All manufacturing verticals are integrated to the ecosystem.
- Opening in the USA.

Q3 2020
V2 of the Smart device firmware after feedbacks for users.

Q4 2020
Consolidation of the global ecosytem.
9.0 / 10.0
4.0 / 5.0
8.4 / 10.0
4.4 / 5.0
4.18 / 5.0

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