L-Pesa Kripton (LPK) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details

L-Pesa Kripton (LPK) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details

Overview : L-Pesa creates blockchain-based, smart contract loans enabling people across the internet to grow their businesses and become thriving entrepreneurs.Hopeful visionaries can take loans in Ether or Bitcoin and then participate in L-Pesa’s curated marketplace facilitating peer-to-peer lending: the first crypto loan service in Africa.

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Token Sale Details :

Name L-Pesa : The Future Of Microfinance
Ticker LPK
Token Type ERC20
Token Price 1 ETH = 17,500 LPK
Available for Token Sale 1,510,000,000 LPK (58%)
Pre-Sale Date 03/18/2018 3 p.m. - 04/09/2018 3 p.m.
Main Sale Date 04/10/2018 3 p.m. - 05/10/2018 3 p.m.
Review -

The L-Pesa Group is a global group of companies revolutionizing financial technology and services in Africa and Asia. L-Pesa has built a sophisticated platform for issuing and servicing consumer and small business loans.

The platform has operated for 18 months in East Africa and over 25,000 loans have been issued. Due to sophisticated underwriting, the loss ratio is below 10%. This low loss ratio combined with the high degree of automation allows L-Pesa to offer low cost financing to a large number of users.

L-Pesa was founded with the vision to improve people’s lives through efficient access to credit and related financial services. It’s about making the world a better place for everyone. L-Pesa started offering microfinance services in Tanzania in 2016 and has grown its service offering and geographic footprint at an increasing pace in pursuit of this vision.

Token Info
Token Kripton (LPK)
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO Price 1 ETH = 17,500 LPK
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 17,500 LPK
Tokens for sale 1,510,000,000 LPK
Tokens supply 2,600,000,000 LPK

Investment Info
Soft cap N/A
Hard cap $ 52,000,000 USD
Accepting ETH
Restricted countries China, New Zealand, South Korea
Know Your Customer Yes
Bonus Pre-Sale = 50%
Pre-sale Date 03/18/2018 - 04/09/2018
Main Sale Date 04/10/2018 - 05/10/2018

Ron Ezra Tuval | Founder, CEO

Jordan Balindo | Country Manager, Tanzania

Andrew Langat | Country Manager, Kenya

Dominic Gichomo | Country Manager, Uganda

Amitabh Roy | Project Manager

Angualia Daniel | Legal Counsel, Uganda

Khaya Maloney | Operations Manager, South Africa

Desiree Domo | Copywriter & PR

Uttam Kumar Karmakar | Designer

Malcolm Ngugi | Legal Counsel, Kenya

Bernard Kipkurui | Support

Mselem Said | Director, Tanzania

Leonard Jackson | Marketing support

Yunia Warioba | Support, Tanzania

Analisa Mtetemela | Support, Tanzania

Sandipan Paul | Accountant

Riaz Laskar | Developer

Somsubhra Saha | Developer

Athumani Athumani | Support

___ Advisors ___

Tamir Hodorov | Hodorov Law Firm

John Petersen | Business Development

Bogdan Fiedur | ICO Advisor and Blockchain Tech.

Kevin Donovan | ICO Advisor

Shaun Saunders | PR ICO Advisor
January 2014 L-pesa Microfinance was launched in January 2014. The idea was finally was finally put into practice.
2016 Tanzania Operation Launch
Tanzania operation launched, registered as L-pesa Microfinance.
2017 Launch of Kenya Operation
Kenya operation launched in August 2017. The company operates as "L-pesa Loans and credit limited.

___ Token Sale Timeline ___

December, 1 2017 Community Airdrop
March, 18 2018 Start of Pre-Sale
April, 10 2018 Start of Public Sale
May, 10 2018 End Public Sale
8.0 / 10.0
4.0 / 5.0
4.3 / 5.0

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Author: asrinur
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