Cube Chain (QUB) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details

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Cube Chain (QUB) - ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details

Overview : Our platform is a chatbot service that utilizes AI and Big Data and has a smart agent function that allows various companies to get real contracts. Secondly, it is a messenger that can make P2P transactions safely and can deal with online contents as well as offline goods and services. We suggest various ways to sell contents such as articles, videos, webtoons, and products.

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Cube Chain (QUB) ICO (Token Crowd Sale) Details

Name Cube Chain : AI Agent and P2P Transaction Marketplace Messenger
Ticker QUB
Token Price 1 QUB = 0.000125 ETH
Available for Token Sale 300,000,000 QUB (2.5%)
Token Sale Date 06/30/2018 - 10/05/2018
Review -

Cube Chain adopts POW and POS hybrid method. It increases POW the beginning stage to make the network stable and raises POS gradually to reduce the waste of resources. With Ledger, Wallet, and Escrow, Smart contracts can be implemented. It is possible to process and store more secure and accurate data through our technology called cubing, which is double verification of data.


Cubing is a new concept of the original technology that 27 blocks are into a cube. A cube consists of 24 generated blocks which record the ledger of transactions and three special blocks. As these 27 blocks are formed simultaneously with cubing, a created cube makes one more hash value. All ledgers make a cube continually, hash value connects one cube and another one. As a block is connected to another, there is first encryption. When a cube is made, there is second encryption. With this double encryption, Cube Chain can have the most powerful encryption technology. Three special blocks are Indexing block, Statistics block, and Escrow block, they all have distinct functions.

Special Blocks

(1) Indexing Block
With the ability to organize and search data at a glance, you can quickly implement a specific transaction, e-wallet list.

(2) Statistic Block
Statistical data for all data can be organized by purpose, and statistical data service is available.

(3) Escrow Block
By using an approval encryption key, the processing approval of transmitters and recipients can happen safely. Transactions are conducted without intermediaries using transmitter approval method, recipient approval method, bilateral approval method, and automatic approval method. It is a significant characteristic that escrow is introduced only by direct inter-party transactions. Not only online shopping malls or opening markets but also being a groundbreaking way to make simple P2P transactions.

(4) Format Block
The Format Block can be used when the data format to be written to the data block needs to change flexibly. When you change the formatting information, it automatically validates the data, preventing malicious data from being included and preventing errors from users or programs.

(5) Edit Block
The irreversibility of blockchain can be an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. It is essential for the cryptocurrency, but when data neds to be modified, other application services can quickly fix and manage modifications.

Token Info
Token QUB
Platform Cube Chain
Price in ICO 1 QUB = 0.000125 ETH
Tokens for sale 300,000,000 QUB
Tokens supply 12,000,000,000 QUB

Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Whitelist / KYC None / None
Bonus N/A
Token Sale Date 06/30/2018 - 10/05/2018

Dongoh Kim | CEO of Cube Chain

Youngbum Hur | CTO of Cube Chain

Sangyep Nam | CIO of Cube Chain

Rohwook Myung | CPO of Cube Chain

Allen Seo | CEO of OJworld

Horyoung Yoon | Development Team

Sunghun Kim | Development Team -IoT Development-

Kwanghun Lee | Development Team

Hokyung Joo | Development Team

Bora Kim | Development Team

Heewan Lee | Development Team

Suhyon Che | Communications Team

Juyun Kim | Communications Team

Nihat Khalilzade | Marketing Team

Paul Yoo | Global General Manager

Catheryn Ngoi | Regional Manager - Malaysia
January, 2016 Team Composition
October, 2016 Project Envision
January, 2017 Started Cube Chain Development
January, 2018 Establishment of Cube Medical
May, 2018 Crowdfunding
June, 2018 Token Distribution
July, 2018 Genesis Block Open (Beta)
August, 2018 Cube Chain Mining Software Release
September, 2018 Genesis Block Open and Mainnet Release
QUB Exchange
December, 2018 CubeON Open (Beta)
2019 CubeON Open
7.0 / 10.0

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