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TOSS - Smart Betting Ecosystem on Blockchain

TOSS - Smart Betting Ecosystem on Blockchain

Overview: Internet gambling business has grown by $ 7.4 Billion per year by 2017 in America, representing 30% of all the gambling market in the world (source: Forbes). Online gambling can advance this sepesat supported by technological developments. This is not new or weird. Many online gambling technologies are being utilized in other industries. The Internet plays an important role and online gambling sites, like any other e-commerce, are heavily dependent on the internet.

The development of ordinary technology leads to efficiency and convenience by combining multiple technologies into one. But the biggest concern of a player is whether the gambling site is trustworthy or just another gambling scam site. The gambling sites are reliable and have good public relations will easily get new customers. How do online gambling sites ensure their games are fair?

It has been predicted that this is the right moment for online gambling, now the entire online gambling market value in the world is $ 285 billion and will rise steadily to 5.3% by 2020 (source: Vice).

About PROFF OF TOSS: Proof of TOSS is a project done by experienced people for years in the betting industry. The project, led by Dmitry Starostenkov, combines professionals in their respective fields such as gambling, betting, development, marketing and business into a strong team, who believe will bring PROOF OF TOSS to great success.

With that experience, they are at the forefront of Bitcoin adaptation. Start as early as 2011 PROOF OF TOSS has succeeded from the new possibilities that have been brought in by blockchain. The time has come to put the experience and expertise of the team in both blockchain, cryptocurrency and especially bets, for good use.

PROFF OF TOSS has set the path to innovate in the betting industry. Smart contract for smart people and smart business. PROOF OF TOSS will bring better opportunities, lower costs, greater market coverage, higher margins and the opportunity to benefit every smart betting ecosystem user.

The technology used: The blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way that betting markets work by offering a better, more democratic and secure way to bet. The blockchain technology brings decentralization and transparency that will protect the players and bookmakers from human mistakes. It eliminates added costs of transactions, hence bookmakers will have more leeway in setting odds.

They will be able to provide better odds without sacrificing their profit margins. Besides that, bookmakers will be protected from claims and chargebacks as all transactions on the blockchain are irreversible: what goes on the blockchain stays on the blockchain.

Transparency brought by the blockchain will protect each user from any fraudulent activities, providing them with access to events from all around the globe, the wisdom of the crowd will guarantee fair results, while smart contracts will make sure that every player receives their winnings instantly, as soon as the results are published and confirmed.

In PROOF OF TOSS, individuals will have a possibility to make bets on outcomes of any future event. If the event has not yet been published on the ecosystem, users will have the ability to create and publish it on their own. Read whitepaper for more.

Tokenization and Token Sales

Tokenization is the process of protecting sensitive data by replacing it with a token. A token is an algorithmically generated number which acts as a representation of information on the blockchain. Tokenization brings many advantages to the betting market and gives bookmakers an opportunity to make their business more efficient, reduce risks and be on of innovation.

At the same time players receive equal opportunities, guarantee of fair results and a means of influence on event pools. All that will make the betting market a better and more democratic sphere with fair rules and hi-tech tool kit for playing and winning with less stress and more fun.

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Similarly reviews about PROOF OF TOSS project, hopefully, you helped with a brief explanation of this article. All that is contained in this article is my personal opinion by considering the information available. If there are errors in writing and important information in it, please let me know in the comments. Thanks and best regards.

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