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European Crypto Bank (ECB) - Let’s Build the Cryptobank of the Future

European Crypto Bank (ECB) - Let’s Build the Cryptobank of the Future

Overview: In recent years, we often hear about Cryptocurrency or known as digital currency. Over time, the technology has become increasingly popular and is being developed by companies and expert teams around the world to be able to cause a 'hot money' fundraising trend in which a start-up generates millions of dollars by issuing virtual tokens to investors.

Cryptocurrency uses peer-to-peer technology so the process of sending money is quicker, cheaper, wider, and safer than using ordinary banking services. Theoretically, anyone with an internet connection and a digital wallet can be part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

But the ease of this technology has sparked concerns for many as it can be used as a money laundering facility or to fund terrorist activities and engage in other fraudulent behavior - especially in countries where corruption is rampant.

Although terrorism funding is unusual in the Asia Pacific compared to the Middle East or North Africa, experts say, CNBC also reported that money laundering through cryptocurrency is a major concern among authorities.

One attempt to avoid fraud or money laundering, fundraising companies or exchange of crypto assets is required to conduct due diligence against customers, certify their identity and track their sources of wealth and require companies to develop their products.

In response to concerns about the chances of cryptocurrency as a money laundering container, the European Crypto Bank (ECB) came to the fore by offering a solution. European Crypto Bank (ECB) is building the first bank and trading platform to secure investments in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies market on the blockchain.

What is European Crypto Bank?

European Crypto Bank is a real project that will offer problem-solving for you in terms of frequent cryptocurrency such as tax evasion, money laundering, and bad asset management.

European Crypto Bank is created by a combination of 3 experienced companies in banking, tax law and wealth management, including tax advice and portfolio management: FORGUES GESTION France, FORGUES GESTION UK and WOOSPEAK and 2 people: Olivier FORGUES and Mikael MISARD, and a team of financial managers, juridical, IT and complete experts.

European Crypto Bank will be a container of European Wealth Management and Personal Banks on a growing new economy. This can be seen from the large number of requests for new Exchange and Trade Platforms, as well as several new sources of Independent Cryptocurrency Analysis.

In addition, the main service that is also the focus of the European Crypto Bank required by Cryptocurrency Shareholders is tax support, to avoid problems with their National Fiscal Services. European Crypto Bank wishes to apply the applicable regulatory, compliance and KYC regulations, in accordance with the List of Financial Risks, set by European Banks.

When the platform has been used by many people in the world, especially in Europe, this is a huge opportunity, and certainly, everyone who joins the crypto community of European Crypto Bank will benefit.

Details of ECB Token and ICO

To succeed the project and the development of the future European Crypto Bank platform, ICOs are organized to raise funds. Funds that can be in the implementation of ICO allocated in accordance with the needs of the project:

  • 20% of funds will be allocated for platform development: trade exchange, API connector, high-security level, decentralized wallet, cold storage
  • 25% for PRM: Marketing, Sales, Campaigns, SEO, Events, Mailing, Traditional Media.
  • 15% of leverage cryptocurrency (fund deposit)
  • 10% A.I. AML, compliance, and KYC
  • 10% A.I. Financial Advisor & A.I Wealth Management
  • 10% Back and Middle Office, Support,
  • 5% Office Integration multiplatform
  • 5% Legal protection in UK, France, and Italy, Banking license.

Official Links

Similarly reviews about European Crypto Bank (ECB) project, hopefully, you helped with a brief explanation of this article. All that is contained in this article is my personal opinion by considering the information available. If there are errors in writing and important information in it, please let me know in the comments. Thanks and best regards.

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