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Alt.Estate - Blockchain Platform for Trading and Tokenizing Real Estate

Alt.Estate - Blockchain Platform for Trading and Tokenizing Real Estate

Overview: Large transactions in the real estate sector make headlines in 2017. Hong Kong is listed as the world's highest-transaction country for the sale of a block of The Center's office for the US $ 5.2 billion; the Accor hotel conglomerate also acquired the Australian Mantra Group service apartments for the US $ 1.2 billion; and the CapitaLand Investment Trust bought Singapore Asia Square Tower 2 for the US $ 1.5 billion.

In the future, JLL Research estimates that the volume of transactions in the Asia Pacific will grow five percent to the US $ 135 - US $ 140 billion in 2018, driven by momentum in key markets and growing interest in emerging markets.

While proptech - a combination of property and technology - is the latest disruptor in real estate that is likely to have rapid development by 2018. Asia Pacific's startup proptech companies have received 60 percent (the US $ 4.8 billion) from the US $ 7.8 billion which gathered global start-up proptech companies from 2013 to 2017.

Jeremy Sheldon, Managing Director, Markets, and Integrated Portfolio Services, JLL Asia Pacific, said: "In the long run, service digitization, adoption, and automation of the Internet of Things (IoT) will have a significant impact on real estate firm strategy, team structure, a process done. The introduction of IoT systems and devices - smart systems and devices that operate through the network - will encourage the utilization and performance of real estate portfolios in a transparent manner. Smart buildings will help to build owners and occupants to improve performance and save costs."

In this case Alt.Estate also appears to be part of a nice development of real estate market in the world, especially in America, Japan, and Europe.

About Alt.Estate: A team of experienced in real estate investing creates the best blockchain-powered platform that can be used to trade tokenized real estate. As an experienced financial technology company, Alt.Estate Group offers protocols and platforms for real estate tokenization. This will allow anyone to easily build their own global portfolio of the best properties around the world.

While blockchain has experienced significant developments in recent years and is affecting a number of traditional industries that do not intend to quit, Alt.Estate undertook the ERC-20 development approach aimed at becoming the industry standard for the tokenized real estate.

You can view the image below to better understand the Alt.Estate platform structure and ALT token Circulation.

Advantages of Using Alt.Estate: If you think that investing in real estate is impossible because it requires a lot of capital, then Alt.Estate will show you the best path for you and make it possible. The advantage of using Alt.Estate one of them is the cheap ticket price. This is the ability to buy 1 / 1,000 fraction properties, so anyone can access these opportunities easily.

The second that makes many people reluctant to touch investments in real estate is the number of transaction costs that reach 30% for traditional systems. With tokenization, Alt.Estate will get rid of it for you and subvert the existing old system.

In addition, Alt.Estate built by experienced teams and advisors who have transactions worth more than $ 4 billion in real estate will provide a tremendous breakthrough innovation for your investment portfolio in the world. You can also buy or sell unlimited property shards, so you will easily build a global portfolio of the best properties around the world and become a real estate tycoon.

Even a small investor can diversify his portfolio by purchasing tokens of a Manhattan penthouse, a warehouse in Guangzhou, a coworking space in Amsterdam and villas in Bali.

The next advantage you will get is the best security protection. Due diligence procedures prior to the property token offering and distributed storage of all the collected information provide additional protection.

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Similarly reviews about Alt.Estate project, hopefully, you helped with a brief explanation of this article. All that is contained in this article is my personal opinion by considering the information available. If there are errors in writing and important information in it, please let me know in the comments. Thanks and best regards.

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