Universa - Blockchain Protocol for Business

Universa - Blockchain Protocol for Business
Universa - Blockchain Protocol for Business

Universa Blockchain for Business - The existence of crypto currency slowly began to have its place in the life of the general public. Many people start to believe in this type of currency and use it for all matters. However, not a few who still think of it as a fantasy. Some still think it can not be used for many reasons.

In the business sector is actually a lot of companies that apply this crypto currency for the purposes of service. They start to trust crypto currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These economic movers are gradually introducing crypto to the wider community, they are campaigning about the reliability of the often-glorified block system.

Still, all the efforts of these crypto communities still face obstacles. There are at least six important points why the efforts of globalization of crypto currency is not yet fully successful. Quoted from the official website of Universa (https://universa.io/) such problems are Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains are slow and expensive, Cost of transactions is high (and getting higher), Speed of transactions is low, Bloat is huge (and getting bigger everyday), Non-zero knowledge wallets for each transaction are required, Smart contracts are not very smart.

Of course, these six points must be acknowledged and the solution must be sought so that the existence of crypto currency really provides benefits for its users, especially in the field of business.

And this is then offered by Universa. Thanks to the existence of a solid team, Universa is able to answer all these challenges, and able to run an amazing project. Some solutions offered by Universa in terms of blockchain you can see in the picture below:

Universa - Blockchain Protocol for Business

All solutions offered by Universa will be felt by businesses that use it. In this case the Universa creates its own token in order to easily create its own financial ecosystem. So everyone who has a Universa (UTN) token will be able to perform such fun deals.

UTN can also be considered as a digital set, meaning it is not just used as a transaction tool, but rather as a valuable asset to be gained in the future.

It's the fastest and most scalable digital asset, enabling real-time contracts and apps anywhere in the world. UTN allows enormous potential for scalability performing more than 20'000 transactions per second that is thousands times more transactions than Bitcoin. If we're talking speed, Universa digital asset is 60 times faster than Ethereum not to mention Bitcoin which allows extensive use.

The ecosystem that will be formed thanks to this UTN, you can understand through the following picture

Universa - Blockchain Protocol for Business

To support this remarkable project, Uniersa provides an opportunity for you to acquire UTN by joining Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This is an important time for the Universa and you are on this project journey.

Below I show UTN token structure can be a consideration and knowledge.

Universe Token Sale Structure

Universa - Blockchain Protocol for Business

Token sales have started on October 28, 2017, and will last until closed for ICO on December 8, 2017. And I'm sure you do not want to miss this opportunity by just skipping it.

The cost you have to buy 1 UTN is $ 0.0105 when you buy it right now (when this article was published) and the price will continue to rise up to $ 0.0125 in the last week of ICO.

More information about the project and ICO Universa can be found by visiting the official website and official document at the following link:

Website | Whitepaper | Bitcointalk Announcement

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