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  1. Hello!
    You published a post about Opporty http://www.portalsoho.com/2017/11/opporty-review.html
    Many thanks for posting about Opporty at your site. However, I need to ask you to update your post.
    At the moment pre-sale is live. Our presale ICO starts December 27 and ends  January 25. To join Opporty’s whitelist: https://opporty.com/ico/join-the-whitelist/
    The main sale will be announced soon.

    If you correct everything according to our remarks, then we will show your post on our site in the media section and share it in social networks where more than 15 000 participants.
    Best Regards,
    Opporty Team

    1. thanks for the notice, i have revised the following article about opporty (http://www.portalsoho.com/2017/11/opporty-review.html)


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